Wickford ‘Independents’

Wickford Conservatives would like to congratulate the two so-called ‘independent’ Wickford councillors for finally realising that in a representative democracy you need to work together as part of a group in order to get anything done.

Commiserations, however, to the people of Wickford because, by joining with Labour and UKIP, the so-called Wickford Independents have effectively handed control of Basildon Council back to Labour. This will ensure that there will be no more projects in Wickford, such as the new health facility, new leisure facilities in the parks, and new toilets which the Conservative Administration had provided.

Labour will do what Labour always do when they are in charge of Basildon Council; namely, spend all the money in Basildon but build all the houses in Wickford.

Only the Conservatives stand up for Wickford and deliver for Wickford and the borough as a whole. Your Conservative Wickford councillors will continue to defend the interests of the residents of Wickford, fight for more investment, and resist any attempts by this new “Unholy Coalition” to scupper ongoing regeneration projects in our town.

Cllr Carole Morris
Conservative Councillor for Wickford North