Love Your Borough 2017 cancelled

The ‘Love Your Borough’ event scheduled for 16th September has been cancelled by the Coalition Partners at Basildon Council.

A meeting of the Housing and Community Committee, headed by Independent Councillor Kerry Smith, voted to scrap this event. Conservatives on the committee opposed this decision and voted against the proposal.

The event, which was a follow up to a similar event last year, was seeking to increase pride in the Borough and to bring together local residents, local businesses and other voluntary organisations. Over 30 local businesses and groups had expressed an interest in supporting the Council in this event. Too late!

Cllr Smith claims that in times of austerity the Council cannot afford to spend £50,000 to promote the well being of our residents. If this is the best the coalition can do when they need to find nearly £3million savings this year then we are heading for a very rocky ride this year.

P.S. When running the Council, Conservatives found considerable savings in our budgets without cutting front line services and were able to make investments for the future of our Borough.

Cllr Stephen Hillier
Conservative Councillor for Langdon Hills