Basildon Hospital MoU

Conservatives have called on the Labour-led Administration to put more effort, resources and urgency into getting the projects within the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that we have with Basildon Hospital moving.

The previous Conservative Administration had negotiated an agreement that would have seen Basildon Council partner with the Hospital on numerous initiatives that could have generated an increase in revenue to be invested back into patient care but the first of these projects, earlier this year, to provide the Hospital with a small commercial development in its foyer for shops was kicked out due to the short-sightedness and the Labour Group and their UKIP and so-called ‘Independent’ partners.

The Coalition’s position not to support a valued partner in improving customer care is obtuse madness. Our residents deserve the best care but the ‘Gang of Four’ running Basildon Council have stubbornly denied them this valuable resource. Councillor Callaghan appears to care more about his personal pet projects, like paying a fortune to move the Pitsea bail hostel, than improving health facilities for all our residents.

Residents should be outraged that all the excellent work that the previous Conservative Administration did with Basildon Hospital will have gone to waste due to the other councillors’ extraordinary lack of vision. We had, at the last count, no less than sixteen projects identified, including the potential for a massive investment in Basildon Town Centre to locate a state of the art health facility there for out-patients, screening, and a minor surgical facility.

The MoU remains on the Council work programme but it has no timings attached to it and the Labour-led Administration have shown no urgency in bringing this back to the Policy & Resources Committee. If we regain administration, the Conservatives will make this a top priority.

Cllr Stuart Sullivan
Conservative Councillor for Billericay East
Spokesman for Resources