Ready for your close-up, Cllr Callaghan?

The Labour-led coalition have wasted no time in chucking away tens of thousands of pounds of your money on their personal vanity projects.

At a meeting of the Policy & Resources Committee meeting on 7th September, Cllr Gavin Callaghan (Lab, Pitsea North-West), the de facto leader of the coalition, pushed through a scheme to spend tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money filming himself at council meetings.

Presumably, this is a bid to discourage some of his coalition colleagues from being unruly and acting irresponsibly. However, meetings are already audio-recorded and any residents can review these at leisure.

Residents should be as mad as hell that Councillor Callaghan and his coalition partners are wasting taxpayers’ money on this vanity project, just so that some conceited councillors can post clips of themselves to social media and try to use it to increase their political profile and get the publicity they want. £35,000 is a heck of a lot of money just so that Councillor Callaghan can grandstand and then watch it back afterwards. This money should be put to use to practically improve the lives of our residents.

If returned to administration, the Conservatives will scrap this self-indulgent facility and return to the cheaper, more cost-effective audio-recordings.

Cllr Kevin Blake
Conservative Councillor for Burstead
Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group